BoB Track: Early phase projects

Early phase track

Early phase projects have to submit a max. of 12 pages pitch deck. While working on their pitches the teams can benefit from extensive coaching and feedback by BOB coaches. Before the jury presentations, which will be held by the project teams personally, the three best projects of each track and category have the opportunity to take part in a coaching and presentation workshop.

  • After registration contestants can log in to use the online submission tool. ​
  • Online submission of the pitch deck, a document of no more than 12 slides, which should provide information on the following 10 points:


                       1. Vision & value proposition
                       2. The problem
                       3. Target market and opportunity
                       4. The solution & technology
                       5. Protection of the idea
                       6. Competition
                       7. Business model
                       8. Roadmap
                       9. Costs & financials
                     10. Team


  • Format: PDF-document. Apart from the content, the formal quality of the business idea will also be evaluated. The formal criteria are length (≤ 12 slides), structure as outlined above, clarity and whether the explanations provided are easy to understand. 

    Detailed help on how to set up and formalize the business idea summary is provided in section 2 of the BoB Handbook

    At the one-to-one meetings the participants are provided with an intensive coaching in industrial property rights, market research, business strategy and finance. Participation in these one-on-one meetings is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The meetings take place at our regional partners. For meeting scheduling, please directly contact our coaches via e-mail.​


  • Selection of the best three pitch decks by category (biotech/pharma, digital health and medtech)  and invitation of up to two team leaders of the respective teams to an intensive coaching session. During this event,  experts provide individualized feedback and advice on the business idea, the pitching is simulated and an intensive presentation training to refine presentation techniques is organized. Participation in this coaching session is not obligatory, but highly recommended.​


  • Following the coaching session, optional resubmission of the reworked pitch deck. If no updated version is submitted, the original version will be evaluated by the jury.​


  • The best 3 teams per category will pitch in front of an international juryof distinguished experts from the worlds of science, industry and finance. The jury will then select the best pitch of each category. ​


  • Announcement of the winning teams will take place at the award ceremony and gala closing festivity in Vienna. All teams are invited to the award ceremony.​