aws Seedfinancing

aws Seedfinancing​​

aws provides assistance of the formation and expansion of high-tech companies, and also for the founding of new universities and non-university research facilities.​

A solid basis for setting up a high-tech company has been established! The formation and expansion of an innovative and internationally competitve company requires great know-how, courage and capital. ​

aws provides financial aid to young companies in the high-tech sector during the start-up phase, for example to cover costs incurred in relation to the formation and entry into the market of those companies and in relation to external advisors` fees, working capital, etc. In addition, companies are provided with assitance on an individual basis. The amount of this conditionally replaybable subsidy may be as much as 800,000 Euro, with the repayment being made out of the company´s profits, upon for example the sale of the company or in the case of an Initial public offering.​

aws Seedfinancing ​​