aws PreSeed

aws PreSeed​​​​​

aws provides assistance to high-tech companies exhibiting a high level of technological sophistication in the pre-formation phase. ​​​​

You have developed an innovative idea and are hoping to make money with it, and to this end you need to come up with a viable business concept providing a solid basis for establishing your own company?​​​

aws PreSeed provides financial aid to cover the costs arising in connection with the implementation and realization, in economic therms, or novel projects - including for example, costs relating to the carrying out of studies and concept development, and those relating to consuambles and personnel - thereby, providing support and assistance for the implementation of innovative projects poised to enter the economic system. ​​​​

Subsidies in the amount of up to 200,000 Euro may be granted and are paid out in partial amounts on the basis of performance in accordance with the "milestone concept".​​​

aws PreSeed​